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Notes on cruelty:
This institution strives to divorce itself from cruelty, injustice and slander. This is an ongoing mission and unfortunately, many beautiful things hail from the despicable (like great movies that are produced under the auspices of satan’s minions). With this in mind, if you find something on this site which inadvertently endorses a cruelty-oriented business, oppressive political activities, bigotry policy or general injustice, I’m grateful to learn about it. People disagree about what is cruel or unjust so for the purposes of these pages, I reserve the right to decide for myself what is philosophically consistent (e.g.: I’m a pro-choice vegetarian--this confuses some people, but I’m fine with it).

Notes on abuse:
If an entry on this site makes you feel threatened or maligned, please report it to the site master immediately and consult the Emergency Contacts section for help, if necessary. Also, be sure to report any threatening encounters to real life support network. If you are under the age of consent (under 18 in the USA), please tell your care givers (parent, guardians--anyone you trust who looks after you) of any misconduct against you (anything that makes you uncomfortable).Abuse includes, but is not limited to: making threats of physical violence, using sexually explicit or "hate" language, any effort to entice a child into a dangerous or compromising situation, making unsubstantiated claims regarding a person’s character or history or any other character defamation, misrepresenting someone’s comments, spamming, using aliases as a mechanism for injuring someone anonymously, ridicule, reckless prosecution or report, stalking, harassment, and taking any action whatsoever that, without just cause, could impair someone’s quality of "real" life.

In the event that anyone uses this site in any way to cause harm (see "abuse"), especially to a child, that person will be reported to all available governing authorities (and banned once I figure out how to do that). If the perpetrator is a child, the same action will be taken with due regard for age and ability to discern right from wrong . If at any such time that I can no longer effectively protect my good-hearted visitors from the antics of predators, I will remove this site from the web.

Notes on privacy:

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Notes on site content and intellectual property:
Submissions are generally welcome with a few conditions. Please, please, please protect your own work before submitting it and make very clear the restrictions you require on its use. Please do not provide any materials that are not yours to govern or that would cause anyone harm. I am NOT interested in violent or pornographic content of any kind (yes, humanity is divided on what constitutes such, so no images or text presenting anyone being injured or in sexual contexts. Public service announcements are excluded from this condition, but no graphic pictures, please). If you submit documents that could stand as evidence of criminal activity (especially
animal cruelty or improper conduct toward women or children) I will surrender them to the appropriate authorities along with all available identifying information, so please don’t do that. Content will be rejected or implemented at the site master’s discretion.

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