...as I have come to understand it is a highly interpretive art, bridging the Universal wisdom within each of us with our conscious minds, striving through tangible means to give form to the abstract. For my purposes, divination is an attempt to achieve a deeper understanding of events past, present and future, and their cooperation, in part by deciphering symbolic imagery.

While divinatory readings may provide useful insights, always know that we are all autonomous beings. As such, our "Destiny" is really just outcome, specifically the sum total of our own actions (thoughts, words and deeds). Although divinatory devices can reveal influences or patterns driving current and future circumstances, not one of us is fully bound by those influences. Rather, we may redirect our outcomes with the causes we make from this moment forward. That isn't to say that behaviors can be erased from our personal or communal history, only that, with a vast perspective, we have the option to choose a path different from the one we currently travel. In short, divination doesn't carve the path (we do that), it illuminates it.

Furthermore, no force or entity has true power over us if we refuse it with the full force of our free will. As such, this site will never attempt to sell spells of any kind, purport to lift curses or in any other way claim authority over you. A practitioner or entity that pretends to possess greater fundamental power over your life than you do is LYING.