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Kermit Accepts a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

November 14, 2002 was hot and sunny in Hollywood and already a crowd had gathered around the press area
flanking what we expected was Kermit’s podium. Here is a transcript of the recording we (me, Bear and Smirk) took at the event. The Mayor of Hollywood, Johnny Grant, introduced the festivities:

Yes sir it’s going to be a big day here in Hollywood, a big day because I’ve already lost one of my cards.
Well, we’ll do a little ad libbing. Ladies and gentlemen a great day because we honor today one of the great international stars of all time with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I’m talking about Kermit the Frog.

(Kermit suddenly appears at the podium to wild applause)

Kermit: How are you Sir? Nice to see you. You keep talking and I’ll be quiet.
Johnny: Ok, ok … Gee that was a surprise!…
Kermit: I’m sorry… I wasn’t… John…
Johnny: I got a feeling…
Kermit: I didn’t know what my cue was.

Johnny: Oh ok…
Kermit: Was that it?
Johnny: Everything’s fine I loved it!
Kermit: I can always go away and come back later.
Johnny: You can do anything you want
Kermit: No, I’ll stay here. Ok.
Johnny: It’s your day!
Kermit: You talk.
Johnny: Ok. Let me introduce at this time a chairman, actually the President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He has been here for the years that have been so good and this revitalization that is now taking place, will you please welcome Leron Gubler.

Kermit: Did he…
Leron: Good morning!
Kermit: Did he call you "Guby" ?
Leron: He did! How did you know that?
Kermit: I heard it!
Leron: Oh, well you got it right Kermit.
Kermit: Anyway, I’m gonna be quiet--you go ahead.
Leron: Yeah, let me get my speech!
Kermit: Yes Sir.
Leron: You know you’ve got a great location here, we want to congratulate you right here, in front of Hollywood and Highland.
Kermit: You’re right.
Leron: Not there, there!
Kermit: Well, I know it doesn’t get much better than this--it’s right across from the tattoo parlor.
Leron: You’re only a hop, skip and a jump from your office so you should be able to keep this clean every day.
Kermit: Oh, you mean I have to clean the star?
Leron: Yes.
Kermit: Well ah, then I will.
Leron: That comes with the job description.
Kermit: I’ll do it. I’ll sneak in here every morning about 5.
Leron: Anyway, you’re our first frog on the Walk of Fame and we want to congratulate you on receiving
the 2208th star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.
Kermit: Aw, thank you! Thank you all!
Leron: Congratulations!
Kermit: Thanks!

Johnny: Well you know many years from now as the historians are looking back through their tapes,
the film will be made here today, they’ll wonder why we honored this very special unique frog here on
the Walk of Fame… Let me tell you…
Kermit: Ok.
Johnny: Kermit the Frog began his climb to the top of the amphibian elite from humble beginnings. One of several thousand born in a Southern swamp Kermit’s life began swimmingly. His early years were typical and uneventful.
The most notable event in his adolescence was his transformation from tadpole to frog.
Kermit: Yeah!
Johnny: …but that’s another tail.
Kermit: Oh, it’s a frog joke!
Johnny: In his more than 45-year career, he guest hosted… listen to this, listen to this,
Kermit: I’m listening.
Johnny: …The Tonight Show
Kermit: Oh yeah…
Johnny: He’s met the Queen of England,
Kermit: That’s true…
Johnny: …and from what I read in the paper, the Queen could use your help today.
Kermit: Yeah, I heard some funny stuff going on…
Johnny: She’s got some funny things happening… He has appeared with Ted Koppel on Night Line, and even
donned suspenders to guest host CNN’s the Larry King Live
Kermit: Yep.
Johnny: He, uh, he has had his likeness created in giant balloon form for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and
listen to this, served as a 1996 Grand Martial in the Tournament of Roses Parade.


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